If your existing vacuum cleaner is giving you headache every single day and you end up having to drive all the way to the service center almost every month to have it serviced then it just means one thing, it is about time that you buy a new one.

Or if your newly purchased vacuum cleaner has poor suction power and you have to go a few rounds before you can have your floor cleaned then you have to go back to the shop and have it returned and start shopping for a better vacuum cleaner.

The amount you spent on gas each time you drive to the service center to send and collect your vacuum is not worth it.  You have to admit that you have made a wrong purchase or that you need to have your old vacuum replaced.

Tips for Choosing Vacuum Cleaner:


You have to know how and what you will be using your vacuum for in order for you to get the right of vacuum cleaner.  Here are some points to ponder on before going to the nearest store.

Do you have kids and pets in your house?  Kids and pets run around all the time and you should expect that there is a lot of dirt, dust, stains and foot marks all over your house because of this.  It would be best to get a bagless canister that assures you to never lose suction power despite of the amount of dust or pet hair accumulated in your vacuum.
Is your vacuum portable or too heavy?  You do not intend to buy a vacuum cleaner for every room in your house.  Make sure that it is portable enough for you to be able to carry it and use it in different locations in your home.

How big is your house?

The size of your vacuum should mirror the size of your home.  If you have a big house you need a big vacuum cleaner with a big canister.  This makes a lot of sense since you can expect more dirt to be gathered from a big place. This is good but not critically important. Check out the top rated canister vacuums as soon as possible to picking thehigh performance model.

What is the flooring of your home made of?

Most houses have different floor types.  Unfortunately, not all vacuums can be used for carpets and hard wood floor at the same time.  If you just want to keep one vacuum cleaner for your entire home then you should get a vacuum with multi floor feature.

Researching Your Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you know what you need of the vacuum cleaner, next is to do some research on the right vacuum and you can easily do so on the Internet. A search on Google or from a reputable online store like Amazon will bring up a list of vacuums for you to research on and even read the reviews of the different brands and models.

Buying the right vacuum cleaner is not difficult if you know the details and features of the vacuum cleaner that you are going to buy.