Hoover is proud to introduce one of the company’s high tech vacuum cleaners with the new Hoover Wind Tunnel Air Bagless Upright Cleaner. This new generation vacuum cleaner has a built in Multi cyclonic filtration system. This top class cleaning system cleanses the air that is constantly moving in and out of the filter. Cleaning the air ensures that its suction properties are not hindered or lost when using the vacuum. This wind tunnel air upright vacuum features the high tech yet simple to use Hoover wind tunnel technology that easily removes embedded dirt. At the same time, this vacuum technology also minimizes scatter or blowback on the carpet.

Even though it only weighs 12.4 pounds, this vacuum provides all the power you need to remove dirt from a variety of flooring surfaces. It comes with a state of the art built-in wand that has a telescopic handle on it. This feature can also be removed easily with one simple touch. Other unique features include brushroll controls, quick fit hose attachments, a carry on the dirt cup and a no-scuff bumper nozzle.

The vacuum cleaner’s body can be placed in a reclining position on the floor. This enables you to reach under furniture more easily. Additionally, its brushroll automatically stops when the you put the cleaner back in an upright position. It also has two built in filters, one is a HEPA Filter and the other is a reuasble/washable filter. These two filters do not need to be replaced in the two year warranty period if properly maintained.

Features and Specifications


The Hoover UH70400 has many distinct features that separate them from other leading vacuums on the market today. One of these unique features is a quick fit hose. This a one touch release that enables you to easily attach the hose to the cleaner with less hassle. Additionally, it has intuitive power controls. They are conveniently positioned near you to make them easily accessible when you are busy cleaning. The clear vacuum nozzle is designed with a no scuff bumper providing protection for baseboards and furniture from scuffing during cleaning. It also allows the user to see how the Windtunnel Air operates.

This vacuum cleaner also has a built in 30 foot power cord that allows you to clean a very large room without re-plugging. It has a convenient carry handle so you cab easily lift the vacuum cleaner down or up stairs. Finally, it has a fabulous filtration system that utilizes a rinsable filter and a High Efficiency Particulate air filter that traps 99.9 percent of dust, pollen and dirt down to 0.3 microns.
Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Pros

Many owners praise this Hoover vacuum cleaner model for being a good mid-range cleaner for such a compact and small vacuum. This enables you to easily clean tons of litter, dust, dirt, feathers and cat hair. Additionally, it is also great at getting stuff from small areas that other cleaners can miss. Many owners also praise its lightweight but solid design. Its extended handle makes cleaning baseboards, fans and ceilings much easier.

This vacuum is also equipped with an off and on switch for the brush roll. Owners have said that this is a very important feature for people that have mixed flooring, hardwood and carpet. It also works great when cleaning bare floors and rugs. Also, the power switch is conveniently located near the handle. This means that people do not need to bend down in order to turn off and on the vacuum brush roll or the vacuum itself.


The Hoover Windtunnel Air produces minimal noise when being use so you don’t have to worry about disturbing any else in the house. It also has a light that warns the you if something is wrong. A green light lets you know that the vacuum is running normally. However, a red light means that air flow is being blocked or an object is stuck in the vacuum’s brush roll.

Hoover Wind Tunnel Air Bagless Cons

Even though a lot of people praise the Hoover Wind Tunnel Air Bagless for its quality and features, a number of people are quite disappointed in its performance. One of the main complaints raised by users is its durability. Many people claimed that this vacuum cleaner easily broke down after using it for a short period of time. Additionally, some people also claimed that the top-class suction power is useless in cleaning bedspreads, curtains and low pile rugs.

Some clients also claimed that the clips do not firmly hold the accessories in place. This causes the attachments to constantly pop out during cleaning. Its suction tubes are curved and too narrow to enable the air to pass easily. Additionally, the wand has attachments and a long tube that make it complicated to use. Finally, many users complain that there are no built-in adjustments for different surface heights.


A lot of people recommend this vacuum cleaner for its lightweight design and tremendous suction power. However, a lot of people also worry that it will not last for a very long time. Although, it has some problems that Hoover needs to address, this vacuum is worth buying for people who do now want to spend big money on a top of the line vacuum but still want similar results. Additionally, its features overshadow its durability issues. Also remember, that every an appliance’s lifespan heavily depends on the user. The Hoover Windtunnel Air Bagless Upright Vacuum will last for a long time when taken care of properly.