Electrolux have been creating quality vacuums for a long time. Many stories of people having had the same one for 30 years have been told, and when you have a vacuum for that long, you know it’s going to be good quality.

The Electrolux oxygen upright vacuum adjusts to any floor height just by moving a button. Combining quality with maneuverability, an oxygen vacuum allows you to clean any type of floor, and allows you to give your carpets a thorough clean, cleaning right down to the bottom of the carpet. Using a bag collection system, all you have to do is empty the bad once in a while, and thats basically all the upkeep needed. Featuring rotating brushes, your carpets will never look dirty again. Prices are around $300 for this particular model.

The Electrolux aptitude upright vacuum uses a HEPA filter that captures 99.5% of all airborne dust, allowing you to have cleaner rooms. Especially useful if you have pets around, this vacuum will take away any hairs and other remains that could cause allergic sufferers to have a reaction. With a huge 15 inch cleaning path, the vacuum will allow you to clean large amounts of space in shorter spaces of time.

The electrolux maxima lightweight bag less upright vacuum targets powerful lightweight cleaning, perfect for cleaning homes and flats. It has 5 adjustable height functions, so whatever your floor type you can accommodate for it. Using powerful spinning brushes, the vacuum is ideal for cleaning stairs, as it can get the deepest dirt out whilst your are completely in control. The best price found for this vacuum at the time of writing was $82.

The electrolux oxygen upright vacuum is quoted by the company as being “upon the touch of a button becomes a 14-foot wand equipped with a crevice tool and dusting brush. The vacuum uses non bag technology, which means not only do you save money on buying new bags for the vacuum, you just empty it when full, allowing you to clean for longer periods of time without emptying the bag.


Electrolux upright vacuum cleaner bags may not seem very expensive to start with, but when you add up over time the amount you would need to buy, you can understand why a bag less vacuum is so useful. The electrolux upright vacuum cleaner range are all especially tested and produced for various reasons. For instance some target pet hair removal, whilst others target deep cleaning, when the floor is dirty down to the concrete below. Whether you are on a small budget, or a high budget, electrolux can cater for either needs, with models ranging from $80 up to $300. How much you pay depends on the type of vacuum, and the additional features it comes with.

Electrolux versatility upright vacuum cleaning comes with all of its models, and using patented technology, most models allow you to move in different directions, which in turn gives you more le way when it comes to cleaning. Whether you need to clean under and around a table, or up and down the stairs, Electrolux will be able to provide a suitable vacuum. Most of their range is available at many large stores across the USA, including Walmart, Sears, Kmart and Target. After the horrendous rush of Christmas is over, you should be able to get some great discounts from stores, and get some bargain deals.
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