What to look for in a high-quality Car Vacuum Cleaner


You probably drive your car every day, multiple times per day. Each time you get in you bring you’re you dirt and debris from the outside. Add to this the grime contributed by pets or children that are along for the ride and you end up with a dirty car. To help keep it an enjoyably clean environment and to help protect its overall value, keeping the inside vacuumed is very important.

A car vacuum cleaner is probably the easiest and fastest way to keep this debris to a minimum. It’s also easier to vacuum your car regularly than to let the dirt build up (and become ground into the fabrics), so an efficient tool for just this job is ideal. There are three “P”s that can be used to determine the best car vacuum cleaner: Power, Portability and Price.


Car Vacuum Cleaner – Power

Your car vacuum cleaner is going to be smaller than your average household upright or canister vacuum. With this reduced size, you need to make sure your car vacuum is powerful enough to handle the job. Cars can get pretty dirty, especially if you don’t clean regularly. Ground-in dirt, sand, pet hair and general debris can certainly challenge a vacuum with relatively weak suction.



Because your vacuum will be almost exclusively used for keeping the car clean, portability is an important consideration when choosing:

Car Vacuum Cleaner – Portability

Size: Anyone who has tried to wield the large attachment and hose from a gas station vacuum can tell you that the overall size of your car vacuum cleaner is important. Whether you choose a small canister (ShopVac) style vacuum with a long, flexible hose or an all-in-one device, you’ll want it to be effective and yet comfortable enough to use for the duration of the job.
Power source: Another important consideration is the vacuum’s power source. For you, portability may include not wanting to plug your vacuum into a typical AC outlet. Some models available are powered via the car’s ‘cigarette lighter’ – a 12 volt power source. This keeps your operation quite portable and flexible as well (most have a 12v/AC adapter available).
Price: Like with any consumer good, the mantra “you get what you pay for” applies to a degree. While you probably won’t want to spend more than $50 on a decent car vacuum (and there are many out there for less than that), be careful of the severely underpriced offerings. These are usually either weak, prone to breakdown, or both.

Other factors to consider when choosing a good car vacuum cleaner:


Ease of cleaning: The job of any vacuum cleaner is to collect dirt/dust/debris. In doing so, the vacuum itself is subjected to all of this grime. To keep your car vacuum cleaning working well, it’s important to occasionally clean it. Above and beyond emptying the canister/bin (which you should do after each use), you’ll want to invest a few minutes keeping the moving parts clear of refuse that can inhibit the vacuum’s performance. Pull hair and fibers out of any ‘rolling’ parts to keep them moving freely, and be sure to check (and replace when necessary) the air filter.
Durability: Any money spent on a device to help you perform a job can be considered an investment. If you try to save money buying the $24 vacuum, only to need to replace it in less than a year, you obviously would have been better off spending $50 on the one that would last five years (or more). Take good care of your tool, and don’t be afraid to invest a bit more up front for a high-quality unit that will save you money in the long run with its consistently reliable performance.