Billy Goat Vacuum Machines For The Yard Or Yard Care Service

The Billy Goat Vacuum series of yard sweepers are well-known for being reliable pieces of machinery. These machines come in sizes that are easy to maintain and manipulate on all sizes of properties. The lawn vacuums, leaf vacuums, and litter control vacuums are used at private homes, and also in relation to lawn care services. Many people prefer the Billy Goat line of yard-care products because their replacement parts and bags are always available quickly whenever they are needed.

What are residential yard vacuums?


There are two styles of residential yard vacuums on the marketplace today. It is possible to purchase lawn vacuum attachments that tow behind a riding lawnmower, or a model of sweeper that is operated manually. In many ways, for home use, a walk-behind yard vacuum makes the most sense. With the tow-behind lawnmower versions of a lawn vacuum, it is sometimes hard to access the smaller corners of the yard or patio.

Residential yard vacuums are designed to pick up leaves, small twigs or sticks, and other types of lawn debris that can accumulate during the colder seasons while yard care duties are not mandated. With the Billy Goat KV vacuum, the unit can suck debris into a hard-bottom reusable mesh bag from everywhere in the yard when the optional vacuum hose is used on the hard-to-reach areas of the yard.

Since the Billy Goat KV unit is only 27” wide, it is easy to store in the garage or gardening shed when the machine is not in use. The KV vacuum uses a 5-blade system that reduces the volume of the material going into the bag through a random slice-and-dice method that does not make heavy industrial small-grain compost. Instead, the larger items are reduced into a helpful size that conserves space in the easy-to-empty bag.


Yard vacuums work on grass or cement surfaces so that they can vacuum the pool deck, patio area, or driveway. The front wheels turn automatically so that the machine is going forward while the owner is pushing it in the right direction. This style of machine is very easy for people to use since this wheel design helps the user to move the machine. The turning wheel vacuums make going up or down hills an easy job to accomplish.

For a little more money, homeowners can invest in the Billy Goat MV multi-vacuum version of the home yard vacuum cleaner. This unit is 29” wide and can handle a tougher class of yard debris. The Billy Goat MV will do everything that the small KV unit will do, and also suck up lawn thatch, hedge clippings, broken glass, and other larger types of yard debris. The larger-sized residential yard vacuums are often preferred in big yards.

Can a residential yard vacuum be used in a yard care business?

Residential lawn vacuums are made to clean yards. These well-made yard care tools are often used by the professional lawn-care services. Whenever possible, it is wise to use the bigger Billy Goat MV multi-purpose machine when working for a lawn care service. These heavier machines are designed to pick-up the yard debris that can be generated by the yard care services as they go about their chores. The Billy Goat Multi-Vac machine has an easy-to-empty 30 gallon bag that can often hold more than one yard worth of vacuum scraps at a time. This helps to save time as a service moves from site-to-site.

The Billy Goat MV is designed with safety in mind. In yard care services, there are often younger employees who may be running a yard vacuum for the first time. The Billy Goat lines of yard vacuums are made to be user-friendly. The residential yard vacuums are made for family members to use instantly after their purchase. Billy Goat tools are designed to keep the operator safe after they read the vacuum operating instructions.

For larger industrial uses, the Billy Goat Company has heavy-duty vacuum equipment that is designed to be used with a yard-tractor or other types of ride-on devices. Since these larger units are not designed specifically for small-area yards, they are often not the best choice to make for a neighborhood yard care service. When purchasing a Billy Goat MV unit for a yard care service, it is always helpful to purchase a second bag at the same time. Then, a clean bag can be ready to go instantly when the first bag is full.