Although I have to admit I wasn’t doing a lot of work in my home, the cat and dog hair cleaning was making life a bit difficult for me. Inasmuch as I love my pets (and affectionately so), I just couldn’t bear the sight of those hairs pervading my home. So, like any normal human being would react, I went out to look for a solution.

I basically took a virtual trip to the internet via my laptop to search for a solution as I knew there would definitely be a worthwhile remedy – although with an ounce of skepticism since I had tried other recommended pet hair removal options (e.g. using furniture polish with a soft cloth) without any luck, and with increased frustration.

I quickly discovered that canister vacuum cleaners could eliminate pet hairs, and that discovery consequently diverted my search to the best canister vacuum for pet hair. I was able to narrow down the possible choices and brands of vacuums that were available to a few outstanding ones which have now become my personal favorites – and this is what I want to share with you here.

From here, you will find the most effective canister vacuum cleaners for pet hair and you will no longer need to look for the best pet hair removal vac again. Is that a promise? You can bet it is.

What Pet Hair Canister Vacuum Cleaners Are The Best?

What Pet Hair Canister Vacuum Cleaners Are The Best?

What Pet Hair Canister Vacuum Cleaners Are The Best?

There are several types of canister vacuum cleaners available, and trying to find the best one would be an exhausting task. So for the sake of those who may still want to perform additional research after perusing the information here, this is how I pick the perfect canister vacuum cleaner for myself to get rid of pet hair. By the way, what may satisfy me may not satisfy you, which heightens the importance of the guide below.

1. Do you remove pet hair occasionally or always? I do always, so a lightweight or small vacuum for pet hair is a perfect fit for me.

2. Does a particular style fit your needs? This is not only about needs, but convenience as well. If you can cope with changing vacuum bags and decreasing efficiency as the bag reaches capacity each time you use your vacuum, then opt for one with bags. That said, bagless canister vacuums are superior with regard to performance and ease of dirt disposal. 

3. Check for the availability of features that enhance the expediency and effectiveness of the vacuum you are considering, such as a spinning brush. If you cannot decisively pinpoint what features you would like your pet hair vac to have, ask a friend for suggestions

4. Is it a highly-rated canister vacuum cleaner? The top vacuums for picking up pet hair are likely the best-rated vacuum cleaners for pet hair. So before you buy a vac from Amazon or other online stores, read the customer reviews published there and view their ratings. Remember that they have bought and used the vacuums they are reviewing, so their evaluations are very likely to be accurate and reflective of the real degree of performance the vacuums can afford.

5. Which brand manufactures it? Many people have come to trust certain brands over the years due to the quality of their vacuums. Whilst this is considerable, quality matters more to me than brand. However, if you prefer a particular brand (e.g. Miele, Hoover, Dyson, etc.), you can factor it in while searching for a vacuum cleaner to buy.

Best Pet Hair Vacuum For Allergies:


If you are allergic to dust and other allergens that abound in homes, you definitely don’t want a vacuum with a bag which can expose you to allergens while emptying it. You also don’t want a vacuum without a HEPA filter. In short, these are the fetures your ideal vacuum should have:

  • a HEPA filter
  • powerful and strong suction
  • ability to emit clean and pure air
  • dust removal and allergen confinement precision

Other Types of Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners:

Some of the vacuums above are lightweight (portable and small), bagless, and cordless. So if these are the types of pet hair vacuums you want to buy, you will find them above.

I  hope with the above information I have answered your “which vacuum cleaner is best for pet hair” question. I urge you to click on the individual links of each vacuum cleaner displayed here to read a detailed review of the respective vacs and the opinions of customers who have bought and tested it.

Price Consideration:

Let me talk about price a bit and give you some useful advice about it. The price of a pet hair vacuum is a determinant in the purchase of vacuums. I know some people who were looking for vacuum cleaners under $100, under $150, under $200, and under $300. That’s understandable because everyone has to purchase according to their budget and not overspend. However, you have to be cautious about sacrificing quality for cheapness.

When you buy a very cheap vacuum cleaner that only lasts for two months or dwindles in performance beyond acceptability, you will find yourself purchasing another cheap one, and the cycle will continue. Before you know it, you will have spent more than you would have if you had bought an expensive and superior vacuum – and that expensive vacuum is likely to last for a period of time greater than the time within which you bought and disposed many cheap vacuums. Why? Because expensive vacuums are stronger and more resilient.

So what’s it going to be? Cheap or not? That said, there is nothing wrong with buying cheap vacuums for dog/cat hair. Just be sure to buy one with reasonable quality. The highest quality vacuums for eliminating pet hair have been mentioned above. Hopefully, you will find one within the price range that sits well with you.

A Note About Pet Hair Removal Vacuum Reviews:

When you click on the review links, as suggested in the preceding paragraph, you will find many customer reviews, including a major review. Of course, all customers are entitled to their opinions, and that is enough reason to carefully read the reviews. However, some customers post negative feedback out of their misconception of how the vacuum works, therefore resulting in needless bashing.

Nevertheless, I would still be attentive while reading the reviews, and I would read both negative and positive reviews to get a general idea of the quality and suitability of the vacuum cleaner I am considering.

Vacuums For Carpets, Hard & Wood Floors, Stairs…

Many of thecanister vacuums mentioned above can be used to clean hard floors, bare floors, stairs, carpets, upholstery, etc. – and they can also get rid of pet hairs. Check the reviews and customer opinions to see if they can clean the aforementioned surfaces and areas. If they can, it will most likely be mentioned in the reviews.

Some vacuum cleaners come with settings for turning off and on the vacuum brush while cleaning bare floors to minimize the spreading of dust and dirt as is common when cleaning bare floors with the brush activated. A good example is theBISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum. Some also have a special setting for bare floors.

A little time spent reading reviews will help you discover those having all the features you want. Obviously, I’ve made it easier for you.


Canister vacuum cleaners are not very cheap appliances, therefore choosing the best canister vacuum for pet hair should be done with thoughtful consideration. The most effective and recommended pet hair vacuums have been mentioned here, but there are still some worth mentioning. If there is any pet hair vacuum cleaner that you feel deserves a spot here, send your suggestion via the contact page. If you want to post a comment, you can do so in the vacuum review posts.